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We are so proud to share this letter we received from the Winn Family, whose daughter, Maya had a wonderful summer at Ramah Darom!

Dear members of the Board of Ramah Darom,

We want to express our profound gratitude to you for having Maya as a camper in the Ramah Darom Tikvah program. Her experience — of being embraced by a community of adults and children, of learning and thriving, of connecting physically and spiritually to the Jewish community — was what we have dreamed of for her for so very long.

As parents we spent this summer eagerly looking at the photos, videos and live streams coming from camp and we can honestly say we have never seen our child happier. Maya was everywhere, doing everything, looking joyful and cared for and engaged. She was learning from other children and young adults. The campers and the staff of Ramah Darom are the the cream-of-the-crop of young people, the leaders of our next generation, and they were all there for Maya, modeling and mentoring her and showing her how she can thrive amongst them. We are so grateful for having this community support Maya’s development.

Maya’s Tikvah experience has given her a boost of skill and communication that will jump-start her transition to high school this fall, and will continue to effect how Maya grows into society and thrives and leads a meaningful life. We remain incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Tikvah donors.

Very best regards,

Dan & Claude Winn

Kingston, NJ


Maya Winn and friends enjoy some quiet time in the cabin.


The Henry and Annette Gibson Tikvah Program at Ramah Darom is supported by generous grants from The Ruderman Family Foundation, as well as many other sponsoring foundations and individual donors.

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