How conversations can change lives: LGBTQ workshops at camp

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For the past two summers, Robbie Medwed, Assistant Director of SOJOURN: Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender and Sexual Diversity and a Camp Ramah Darom alum, has facilitated training and pre-camp workshops with staff and campers. His work with our community helps educate our staff and campers about gender and sexual diversity and makes our camp community a safe, inclusive, sacred place for everyone.

This year, Robbie facilitated camper workshops as part of our Tisha B’Av program. This year’s theme for the program was “Radical Empathy.”

Robbie discusses his experience in the following Slate article: Breakthroughs and Resistance: Leading LGBTQ Suicide-Prevention Workshops in the South.

Yasher Koach to Robbie on the important work he is doing in our community.

LGBTQ inclusion workshops at camp: Slate article

Read Robbie Medwed’s account of his experience leading LGBTQ inclusion workshops.

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