Sammy Rosenbaum’s solo album is here!

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Our very own Camp Ramah Darom alum Sammy Rosenbaum has released his debut solo album, “We Are The Ones!” It is available beginning today on his website,, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, Bandcamp and GooglePlay.

“I spent pretty much every summer of my childhood at Camp Ramah Darom,” Sammy told the Atlanta Jewish Times in an interview discussing his new album. “While I was there, there was a music culture. People would sing in Hebrew and even sometimes in English, we would clean the bunk singing or finish the day out with tunes like Rad HaYom. I started seeing that the feeling I was getting from secular music was not so dissimilar from the feeling I would get from Jewish music. So to me music is a universal thing. The message can be put across in any sort of way.”

Sammy, we are your biggest fans! We can’t wait to listen!

Purchase Sammy Rosenbaum's debut solo album today!

Purchase Sammy Rosenbaum’s debut solo album today!

You can follow Sammy Rosenbaum on Twitter and visit his website for more information.

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